About Us

Yokor Windows is an international distributor of aluminium windows and doors. We have supplied products for projects in countries as such as Canada, Denmark, Holland, Jamaica, Maldives, Sweden, UK, USA and Zambia. Australia Yokor Windows Pty Ltd was established in 1997, being a manufacturer and supplier of high quality aluminium windows and doors whilst offering the lowest price possible. Our headquarters and showroom are located in Melbourne, while an established operational team is located in Shanghai, China. We operate in more than six different professional production lines to satisfy the increasing demand of Australian and overseas markets. 

We are specialised in producing double glazed and energy efficient aluminium windows and doors which are ideal for both commercial and residential projects. All our products are available to be made to custom and satisfying your very needs.

It is the product design and quality that we and our clients value the most, that's why we are continuously developing and improving these areas in the progress our production to ensure customer satisfaction. All of our products have been independently tested by accreditation laboratories, our products rigorously comply with standards such as AS 2047 &AS 1288.

Our windows and doors are of exceptional quality and can perform beyond architectural requirements and standards. Yokor Windows has accumulated vast experience in window and door industry which has enabled us to have a better understanding of your needs and outperform what you require.