Casement Window

Casement windows are a functional solution to light and ventilate your space. Opening inwards and outwards our casement windows are designed for large sized opening, therefore, the frames and hinges are very strong. Sealing with our double seal design, our casement energy efficient windows can achieve very high energy ratings for your project. Enquire Now
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The windows are where all the properties gain or lose heat at the most time. This could also bring higher energy costs, a larger carbon footprint and less comfort for the structure’s occupants. Yokor Windows, based in Melbourne, has a simple and effective solution to such issues using energy efficient Casement windows. We have double glazed windows which can deal with weather elements. When it’s cold, there will be fewer draughts and better distribution of heat in the room. And when the summer comes, this Casement windows could keep outside heat at bay. 


The cost of energy saving windows would depend on different sizes and materials of each property, the level of energy saving would also vary. Yokor Windows is professional in designing and manufacturing excellent PVC windows and doors. This product range is very durable, easy to maintain and also resistant to termites, rust or corrosion. 


Yokor Windows team offers tailored solutions for client special needs, like catering to renovation style or building schedules and selecting glass which can be the best match with the local climate. With professional services and best taste, we can recommend whether tilt or turn, tilt or slide, casement, awning, sliding, bi-fold or fixed window designs are better for your project, to balance the superior functionality and aesthetics.

Energy Efficient Casement Windows

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Energy efficient windows could become an important part for the new or renovated house. There are about 25% to 30% residential heating and cooling energy use can be transferred by using the heat gain and heat loss. If you are choosing windows for a house now, it would be better to take climate into consideration, using the most energy-efficient windows. If your windows are still in good condition, it’s also no harm to try saving money on energy bills and make the home more comfortable by using windows to reduce energy loss.


If you want to reduce the amount of energy lost through windows and improve the comfort level, the best option is to update and replace existing windows to improve efficiency. Yokor Windows are the professional at windows. Call us today, if you have any concerns.