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Aluminum Windows

Aluminium is one of the super environmentally-friendly material to make frames for windows and
doors. By using this, we can minimise the use of timber in the fully recyclable way.
This material is practical and also stylish. Aluminium is the classic material and versatile enough to
match and work with any style and colour scheme.
It’s a big cost for everyone to renovate or build a new home, which makes every bit of savings could
be important. That’s why so many people are amazed by the price and how affordable aluminium
frames can be. Using the same fund but with low initial cost gives you extra funds to take
considerations of more advanced or fancy features like upgrading doors and windows with tinting
and double-glazing.
With the surprising price, Aluminium-made doors and windows are also built to last. After proper
installation by Yokor Windows team, they can last for a long time and you don’t need to worry about
repairing or replacing them every few years.
Maintaining aluminium frames is also a simple process. Using warm water to wash them and mild
detergent and brush softly. This is also the reason why people choose aluminium. Compared with
timber, which requires high-level maintenance, the aluminium only needs minimal upkeep and is
always considered as the best option so far.